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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recipepapa Got Some Opae

I almost forgot about Opae or Opae Kala Ole probably because it is so rare to see it in Luau’s these days. Opae Kala Ole are freshwater mountain shrimp found in remote streams high up in the valleys of Hawaii. Opae are usually found on Kauai, Maui, and the remote areas of Oahu. Opae are about an inch long and brown in color. They are boiled in Hawaiian Salt and turn red when cooked.

Mike Sakamoto, host of Fishing Tales did a show about Mountain Opae on Kauai back in the 90's. I was unable to get a Youtube on Opae so these pictures will have to do. I have Opae in my planted aquarium. I will try to post a better picture of a Opae in my planted aquarium for you guys later on. I am not going to boil my Opae Kala Ole just so that you can see what they look like cooked. You gotta use your imagination.

Don’t confuse Opae Ula for Opae Kala Ole. Opae Ula are brackish water shrimps found in lava tubes and are bright red in color. Opae Ula are typically found in gift shops in miniature aquariums/ecosystems.

More info on Opae Kala Ole



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