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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hawaiian Salt Meat

Hawaii Salt Meat is made from the salt curing process. Salt removes water from the meat which means that bacteria cannot grow on the meat and make it rot. This is how the meat is preserved and cured. So if the world were to end tomorrow you at least know of one way to keep your meat from spoiling.

As a kid I remember eating Hawaiian Salt Meat with watercress and onions. 75% of all watercress in Hawaii is supplied by Sumida Farm, which is sandwiched between Pearlridge Shopping Center and Pearl Harbor. This patch of green amongst buildings and concrete gets its crystal clear water from the Pearl Harbor Aquifer.

Hawaiian Salt Meat

Any fresh raw meat
(such as beef or pork or fish), cut in slabs or chunks
10 pounds Hawaiian salt
Bucket with airtight cover
Pack sliced meat in layers of salt in bucket, starting with salt on the bottom. Seal bucket and store in a cool, dry place. Pour out bloody liquid from bucket daily until no liquid remains (3 or 4 days), resealing each time. Can be eaten after 3 or 4 days, or store for months.
To use, boil salt meat twice or more, discarding water after each boiling. Then, add to stews, soups and other dishes, such as stir-fried salt pork and cabbage.

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